South Padre Island Photos

This past January I shot my first assignment working with RGVision magazine. The written article was going to be about the economic impact of Spring Break on South Padre Island and my assignment was to capture the “before the Spring Break storm” type photos, mainly because that’s all we had in January. Most of the photos felt a bit desolate but sort of made you want to be there at the same time. At least for me they did. I went with a “snapshot” style of photo, much like a visitor would shoot, but exposed and composed correctly.

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Cuban boat washed ashore on South Padre Island

This morning I headed out to South Padre Island for a beach clean up that I had signed up for last week on Facebook. Unfortunately there must have been a miscommunication or something and the beach clean up never happen. I was a little frustrated but once I realized the clean up wasn’t going to happen I decided to go ahead and drive down the beach anyway to shoot a few photos and maybe do a little fishing. What I found has turned out to be a developing story…
Apparently a cuban boat washed ashore on South Padre Island with six cuban men who had been drifting 21 days in the Gulf of Mexico. I guess someone had just picked them up when I came across their boat. I had no idea what I was photographing until I got back home and saw the news. It is amazing that they survived!
All photos copyright Johnny Q Photography.

Fun Moment During the 2014 BorderFest Parade


This is too good not to share.

Saturday night at BorderFest during the Action 4 News illuminated Parade, weatherman Bryan Hale must have been inspired by the music and jumped right into the parade with the Zumba dancers. The best part was that he is actually in sync with the dancers. I love the reactions from Ryan Wolf and Marcy Martinez. It was hilarious and unexpected. It was all caught on photo and video and made for a very memorable night.