Head Shots | Negrete & Kolar Architects

It seems like I’ve been getting more request for office personnel head shots and group photos. I loved it. I appreciate it when business’s understand the importance of a quality image. It shows that they care. It’s not only good for business but I think it makes the world a better place!

Here are a few head shots and a group photo from a recent photo shoot with Negrete & Kolar Architects shot at the World Birding Center in Edinburg, which they designed. I’ve also included a couple of images from the birding center that I shot a few years back.


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Negrete & Kolar Architects – Rio Bank

I was recently commissioned to take photographs of Rio Bank located on McColl Rd. in McAllen, Tx  for Negrete & Kolar Architects. I really do enjoy architectural photography. I’ve come to appreciate that all buildings begin with a vision. An architect’s canvas starts as an empty field and they create a shelter for use. In this case, a charming, business friendly bank. As I was photographing interiors I noticed how friendly the employees were to all the customers. Overall, what a great a experience.