IMAS Director Portraits

As the photographer, I factor in many elements to compose an image. Sometimes I incorporate these elements, most of the time I remove them. I am more of a minimalist when given the opportunity. These particular photographs were taken of IMAS Director Julie Johnson. I had about an hour to make some photographs of Julie for RGVision Magazine so I had to move quickly. We had already moved through out the museum shooting various images with the sculptures and artwork when we came across this room. All around the room were photographs displayed at eye level with track lighting that created a beautiful, warm feeling intended to make you want to spend some time observing the interesting photos. In the middle of the room was a glass showcase displaying the contact sheets of more photos. I loved the simplicity of the room so I knew I wanted to shoot here. I went ahead a squared Julie up in the center of the room and added a small flash camera left. I was completely set up and the only left to do was to pull a vibe from Julie. We went with comfortable.

South Padre Island Photos

This past January I shot my first assignment working with RGVision magazine. The written article was going to be about the economic impact of Spring Break on South Padre Island and my assignment was to capture the “before the Spring Break storm” type photos, mainly because that’s all we had in January. Most of the photos felt a bit desolate but sort of made you want to be there at the same time. At least for me they did. I went with a “snapshot” style of photo, much like a visitor would shoot, but exposed and composed correctly.

Read the full article here:

The Divine Life

What can I say… there has been a whole lot going on in my life.

A Good Friend Passes Away.

First off, my good friend and fishing mentor Raye Carrington, has passed away after a short bout with ovarian cancer. This one really hits home. Raye meant very much to me primarily because she helped change my life’s trajectory. Raye owned and operated a Bed & Breakfast on the Llano river just north of Fredricksburg, TX. She taught fly casting lessons to guests who stayed at her B&B and I was the fly fishing guide. My guiding partner Marcus Rodriguez wrote some beautiful words about Raye on our fishing website. Check out some of my outdoor photography while your there.

I love you Raye. You are truly missed.

Johnny and Raye

Johnny and Raye


I Am an Uncle!

My older sister Cissy has delivered a healthy baby boy, Dylan James Reyna. He is a beautiful kid and a miracle baby. My sister had been trying to get pregnant for a few years now and after adopting her first child, Jake, she has been blessed with a second boy.

As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”  I could not be a more proud uncle. Below is my favorite image from a maternity shoot I did with her along with an iphone photo of Dylan.


Cissy comforts Jake as he pleads for help from his soon to be brother.


Dylan James Reyna born 08/08/2013.

Dylan James Reyna born 08/08/2013.



I’ve been using Instagram to try and stay engaged socially. My Instagram feed loads directly to my photography website and my photography facebook account. Here are the links if you’d like to stay in touch.


Facebook Page:

To New Beginnings.

Well… what can I say, working with your spouse is a tremendous task to take on. I think Evette and I bit off a little more than we could chew. No worries, we are still happily in love but Evette has now gone back to teaching. It was a blessing she could take a year off and work with me in the first place! We are both very thankful that she was able to do it because it gave her the time to take good care of her mother during her last months of battling cancer. Her mother passed away earlier this year. I’m telling you it’s been a roller coaster ride of a year. I’m gonna try and do a better job of recognizing all that I have.

This situation, however, leaves me with all of the duties of running a small business. So, with this, I will narrow my concentration to Lifestyle Portraiture and Corporate Photojournalism.

I need to add new images to my portfolio so contact me if you interested in my photography.

rgv commercial photography

Commercial Photography – LOOP Cold Storage Facility

In addition to my photography business, I’ve decided to start guiding again. Guiding is just in my blood and being outdoors keeps me sane. I’m running trips down the South Padre Island surf for Tarpon, Shark and Redfish but really I’m just showing people the beauty we have here in deep South Texas. Anyone who appreciates the outdoors is a good candidate. If fishing is not your thing we can easily make it into a photo shoot with a nice “Dinner on the Dunes.” Here is my guiding website if you’re interested in a trip:

Forgot to Mention.

This past summer, Marcus and I were hosts to a nationally televised fishing show named “The Outfitter’s built by Ford F-Series.” We guided our guest down the Llano River based out of Raye Carrington’s and we camp on the South Padre Island Surf for a true Texas experience. The show was well produced and it was an honor to be trusted with such a big production. Unfortunately the full episode will not be available online but they did make a few other small vignettes that give you an idea of how it went. Here is one of them. Enjoy.

Nice chattin’ with y’all. Until next time.

Johnny Q