Cuban boat washed ashore on South Padre Island

This morning I headed out to South Padre Island for a beach clean up that I had signed up for last week on Facebook. Unfortunately there must have been a miscommunication or something and the beach clean up never happen. I was a little frustrated but once I realized the clean up wasn’t going to happen I decided to go ahead and drive down the beach anyway to shoot a few photos and maybe do a little fishing. What I found has turned out to be a developing story…
Apparently a cuban boat washed ashore on South Padre Island with six cuban men who had been drifting 21 days in the Gulf of Mexico. I guess someone had just picked them up when I came across their boat. I had no idea what I was photographing until I got back home and saw the news. It is amazing that they survived!
All photos copyright Johnny Q Photography.

Loop Cold Storage | Fresh Produce Operations

Part of what I love about my job is the variety of different projects I get to make pictures for. It’s always fun and exciting and the challenges presented keep me sharp and on my toes. Here are some photos that I’ve selected from a recent shoot with Loop Cold Storage. I don’t think the average person has a clue how much thought and effort goes into ensuring that delicate, imported berries are delivered fresh and ripe to their local grocery store. This project truly was an eye opener for me! They run an amazing operation over at Loop, from world class facilities to great employes. I enjoyed the first part of this project and am looking forward to the second which involves frozen food and packaging.