IMAS Director Portraits

As the photographer, I factor in many elements to compose an image. Sometimes I incorporate these elements, most of the time I remove them. I am more of a minimalist when given the opportunity. These particular photographs were taken of IMAS Director Julie Johnson. I had about an hour to make some photographs of Julie for RGVision Magazine so I had to move quickly. We had already moved through out the museum shooting various images with the sculptures and artwork when we came across this room. All around the room were photographs displayed at eye level with track lighting that created a beautiful, warm feeling intended to make you want to spend some time observing the interesting photos. In the middle of the room was a glass showcase displaying the contact sheets of more photos. I loved the simplicity of the room so I knew I wanted to shoot here. I went ahead a squared Julie up in the center of the room and added a small flash camera left. I was completely set up and the only left to do was to pull a vibe from Julie. We went with comfortable.

Teach For America Alumni Awards for Excellence in Teaching

Rob Garza (McAllen ISD) and Jennifer Corroy (IDEA Public Schools) are amongst this year’s winners of TFA’s Alumni Awards for Excellence in Teaching. Congratulations to both Rob and Jennifer for receiving this national prestigious honor. Read the press release here.

IDEA Public Schools Gala Videos

Anyone who works for IDEA Public Schools has probably seen my face on campus over the last seven years. I started working with IDEA just as they were preparing to send their first ever graduating class off to college. I think it was 2007… I mainly shoot photographs for IDEA but over the last couple of years I’ve started to shoot video for them as well. In that time I’ve learned a lot about video production. Mainly that it takes a good team working in a collaborative effort to get a piece done. Video production is a labor of love and definitely under appreciated by the average person.

Here is a video I helped make for IDEA’s Annual Gala.
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2011 Gala | IDEA Public Schools

Johnny Q – Videography and Editing

Lara Coger – Producer

Angelo Simeone – Music