Head Shots | Negrete & Kolar Architects

It seems like I’ve been getting more request for office personnel head shots and group photos. I loved it. I appreciate it when business’s understand the importance of a quality image. It shows that they care. It’s not only good for business but I think it makes the world a better place!

Here are a few head shots and a group photo from a recent photo shoot with Negrete & Kolar Architects shot at the World Birding Center in Edinburg, which they designed. I’ve also included a couple of images from the birding center that I shot a few years back.


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Head Shots for Griffith Law Group

I wanted to share some work I did for the attorneys over at Griffith Law Group. I really like how their individual head shots and group photo came out. Each attorney has a warm and friendly look that you typically don’t see in other attorney’s photos. They each come off as ever so approachable. They want to listen and help. They all did a fantastic job of conveying that to the camera. Best of all is their group photo. That warmth and friendliness turns into strength and grit. A great team ready to serve with class and dignity.

Valley Christian Magazine – January 2013 Cover

Last month, I was asked to shoot the 2013 January cover for Valley Christian Magazine. It was an honor to be trusted with such a task but what looks like a nice, effortless photo of six kids in uniform was definitely not so easy… It was a challenge to photographs these kids, all with their own unique look and personality, in a moment of comfort and harmony to produce this single image.  I shot about 50 different images and this was the one image that each individual kid looked jusssst right… They each have a sweet, innocent, yet confident look that conveys a sense of togetherness, leadership, and community. There’s a wholesomeness. Simple and natural. Christian.