KVMV 96.9 Ann & James with Christian in the Morning

One of the idiosyncrasies I have is to imagine what a radio DJ or talk show host looks like every time I listen to the radio. Some of the things I listen for are inflection, their laugh, their wit, etc… to try and paint a picture of what someone would look like. I’m not sure why I do this but I wonder how many of you do the same thing. Maybe it’s because when you listen to a radio host long enough you feel like you know them, right! But how do you know someone if you’ve never seen them, right??? Thus the intrigue I guess… Anyway, here are the hosts of KVMV 96.9 ¬†Ann & James with Christian in the Morning. They were a fun bunch to photograph and their voices really do resonate with their faces and personalities. It was cool to do a little behind the scenes work to shed light on such a high audible, low visual profession.

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