IDEA Public Schools 2013 Graduation Ceremonies

I am so proud of all the 2013 IDEA graduates! All of the ceremonies were very moving and heart-warming and I honestly felt like some of the kids walking were my very own sons, daughters, cousins and friends. Over the course of the school year, I get to sit down and interview many IDEA students. Their stories of the struggles and hardships they encounter daily can humble any person. It’s awesome that many of the students overcome their adversities and push through and graduate from high school. What’s really cool is that because they attended IDEA, all of these kids will go to college. And many of them will be the first in their family to go to college.

Here are a few of the images I found most interesting, mainly because I feel the emotion behind each smile is for a different reason. I would love to know what they were thinking about at that very moment. I feel these images truly speak 1000 words…

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